Yes, We Can Deliver Your Free Samples

Customers love free samples because they provide a little bit of cost-free instant gratification. Businesses love them because they acquaint customers with products they might not try on their own. They are a time proven and powerful method of attracting customers. Cosmetics and food are two industries that have always been involved in free sample marketing. However, many types of businesses can benefit from offering samples. Whether you sell children’s toys, beauty products, food, technology or information, if it’s non-perishable, then chances are good that it can be re-packaged and delivered straight to consumers’ letterboxes. By using the Melno Network to deliver your free samples, your business can benefit from all the advantages they bring to your bottom line.


Most people will not spend their money on something they consider risky. They prefer to stick with what they know and are familiar with, rather than trying something new that they may not like. They also want to know that they are getting maximum value for their money. When your customers receive a free sample, they realise they are getting something of value for zero cost. These people will remember the positive feelings your sample gave them, and they’ll be more likely to choose your product in the future. A free sample or two also helps them get familiar with your business. The more familiar prospective customers are with your business or products, the less of a risk you are to their wallets.

Although acquiring new customers is the main focus, letterbox distribution of your free samples has other advantages, as well. It allows you to introduce a new product or product line to current customers and remind them why they love you. This creates a desire for your merchandise or service right away, and helps to establish brand loyalty. It is also a good way to liquidate inventory you have too much of or have had for too long. Offering a free sample of that particular item generates instant demand for it, helping you to attract new customers and make room for new inventory.

Letterbox Distribute Your Free Samples


Although a few businesses are apprehensive about giving away something for free, you can be assured that if it’s done correctly, the end result almost always justifies the cost. When you bundle your free sample with other marketing materials, such as coupons or sales notices, you increase the effectiveness of the whole package. However, it should never be done on a whim or it could end up costing you money that is never returned as business. The Melno Network can help you do it right, ensuring that your samples are delivered when and where they should be so you get the most out of your investment.

Through our letterbox delivery services, you can be sure your samples reach the right hands with targeted delivery. This helps any business save on costs by not delivering samples to people out of their range, who are less likely to become customers. We specialise in local letterbox delivery in Melbourne, however we can also negotiate delivery in other parts of regional Victoria. Come see usor call 03 9819 1139, and see what letterbox delivery of your free samples can do for your business!


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