Why Summer is the Best Time for Brochures

Want to get the most of out of your advertising investment? Summer is the best time to consider adding extra letterbox distribution because people are considering making more purchases for Christmas. Here is why letterbox distribution will help your company:

Print Works Better than Online

Delete, delete, delete is what your customers will do when they receive just email advertising from you. In fact, research by Roy Morgan found that leading up to Christmas, Australians would rather look at printed advertisements like catalogues and other brochures. In fact, 70% of Australians over 14 wanted to read print, while only 11% read online.

Letterbox Brochure Distribution is Popular

Why does print work better? Research shows that people remember what they see when they can hold something in their hands. Moreover, having a leaflet, catalogue or brochure around the house means that they will see it more than once and remarkably, 60% share letterbox advertising with someone else.

Brochure Distribution in Summer Works

Most importantly, Australians who get letterbox advertising act on what they read. In fact, the Australia Post Consumer Survey says:

  • 45% read it as soon as they get it, often while relaxing in the evening.
  • 38% go to the company website to learn more about the products or services.
  • 34% who read the letterbox distribution go to that company’s retail store.
  • 20% buy something online.

Melno Letterbox Distribution Works

What company wouldn’t like their advertising to bring in that many more customers? If you’d like to improve your sales in summer, contact Melno Letterbox Distribution for help in getting your brochures distributed in Melbourne. Why choose Melno? With a proven track record, trained walkers, strict adherence to industry code, distribution report to customers and competitive prices, Melno’s Letterbox Distribution provides the best service at the best price.


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