Why Letter Box Distribution works

Do you think email is the best way to communicate your business message? Think again. As a matter of fact, according to studies, people aged 18 to 39 have a distinct preference for regular mail. What does that mean for your business?

Letter Box Distribution Works

The truth is that over 90% of all advertising email either ends up unread in “junk” or is immediately deleted. On the other hand, Direct Marketing Association studies reveal that 48% of people read and act on direct marketing they receive in their letter box.

Letter Box Produces Immediate Results

Better yet, most people who don’t delete email will just ignore it. However, according to the CMO Council report, 4 out of 5 individuals said that they actually act on what they receive in their letter box right away. So if you have a sale or promotion that you want customers to know about, letterbox distribution is the best way to help people know.

Letter Box Distribution Gets Your Message Out

Whether you have a new business that you want to advertise in your local community or a new service you want people to know about, Melno Distributors are experts in design and distribution.


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