We Offer Design Services

Humans are very visual creatures. More than any other sense, we rely on our sight to help process the world around us. You want to take advantage of this when promoting your business, brand or products. The effectiveness of the design you chose for your leaflet or flyer will determine how well it is received by potential customers, and how much your business will profit from it. The Melno Network is not only able to deliver your ad or flyer to homes and businesses, we can also make sure you have strong, memorable advertising material to send out in the first place.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then well designed advertising material is worth even more. An advertisement of some kind is almost always the first point of contact between a business and a customer. The design of your ad, flyer, leaflet, or menu can make or break that first impression. You want your advertisement to be striking, attract attention and stand out in the sea of ads. If you capture a person’s notice over other competitors, you will most likely get their business, as well. After you catch your customer’s eye, all of the other elements of your ad go to work, drawing them in and informing them of who and where you are, and what you have to offer.


Good design communicates a company’s quality, professionalism, and credibility. If an ad looks professional, potential customers are more likely to trust that your business can deliver. Certain design elements can also convey an idea of what your business represents. Are you selling luxurious spa lotions to make your customers feel pampered? Then you might use the colours of sea and earth, and text and graphics that speak to a more high end crowd. Perhaps your business is a local pizza takeaway, catering to busy, hungry people. In that case you might use primary colours and bold, dark lettering. Whatever your business and whatever your message, you want to make sure you attract your target audience and make them remember you. The best way of doing that is with the right graphic design on your leaflets and flyers. Our professional designers here at Melno have the experience and marketing knowledge to create the right design for you.

We create the right design for you!
Once you have an ad that captures attention and sends all the right messages, the Melno Network can then help you put it in the appropriate hands. Why not bundle our services to make things easier? You can trust the professionals at Melno Distributors to take your idea and see it through from design to delivery. We offer designing, printing, folding, insertion, and letterbox distribution of your flyers and marketing material. We specialise in the south eastern area of Melbourne, but candeliver your flyers to other areas of Melbourne and regional Victoria as well. Put Melno Distributors to work for you. Get a free quote on one or all of our services today!


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