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In today’s world of online marketing, social media and websites, is letterbox delivery for catalogue, magazine, pamphlet and flyer distribution old fashioned? Everyone’s talking about search engine optimisation and customer engagement online. Many businesses forget about the basics. The fact is, they have a local market that is best reached locally, through letterbox distribution in Melbourne.


Engaging with potential customers on the web can be tough. They will not necessarily see your e-mail marketing or your social media posts. They may never visit your website and if they do, they may not remember to come back to it when they need your goods or services. The web moves too fast and local merchants are forced to compete for the attention of potential customers.


Let’s say you’re a local restaurant and takeaway. Who are your customers? The vast majority of them probably live within a few miles of your establishment. Let’s say you’re in one of the trades. The same thing is probably true of your residential clients; they’re local people. If you’re in politics, real estate, education or any one of a thousand other fields, the same thing is true.

When your customers come looking for you, it’s true that they will look for you on the web. People use the web the same way they used to use phone books, to find out how to get in touch with their local merchants. When they search for you on Google, then you’d better be ready with a nice website and a decent search engine ranking.

However, when you go looking for your customers, do you look for them on the web? If you do, have you stopped to think about its effectiveness as a marketing strategy? Hundreds of millions of people all over the world are on the web, and you’re going to have a hard time identifying your 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 potential customers if you’re a locally based business or organisation.

Where will you find your customers, if not on the web? You’ll find them where they live, close to your base of operations. That’s what they all have in common.


When you connect with your customers online, you’re always competing for limited time and attention. There are so many other things that they want to remember. How well organised do you think their bookmarks are? How likely do you think it is that they’ll notice one of your blog posts or ads at the right time, when they’re looking for what you have to offer? Will they remember you?

They’re more likely to remember you if they’ve got a leaflet pinned to their refrigerator or a menu kept in a drawer. If they took the trouble to clip out a coupon and put it into their wallet, then they’ll probably remember to use it, or at least to pay you a visit. If they’ve got your catalogue on the coffee table, then they’re more likely to look at the whole thing and look at it more than once. There’s no doubt that real, physical flyers, catalogues, pamphlets and leaflets are more likely to be read and more likely to be kept than spam e-mail or ads on the web.

So, if your customer base is in Melbourne and especially if its in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, then the most effective way you can reach them is very probably through Melno’s letterbox distribution. You’ll love the full range of services we offer, and you’ll be thrilled by our affordable rates, too.


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