Tips for Direct Marketing to Families with Kids

When children enter the picture, the whole family dynamic changes. Your marketing dynamic must change, too, if you want to successfully reach this demographic. Families with kids demand variety, value, and convenience, and they present both unique challenges and opportunities for businesses. Historically, this group has responded very well to direct marketing through letterbox distribution and has a higher than normal rate of return. There’s just a few things you need to know to take advantage of this for your business.


At almost any age, children have a way of making life hectic and chaotic. Newborns keep their parents exhausted and enthralled by turns. Toddlers never run out of energy to make fun — or mischief. School-aged children have after-school activities, homework, and friends, yet still need plenty of attention. Teenagers have a mass of emotions and hormones added on top of all of that. Because of this, parents rarely have the time or attention to give to television, the radio or the newspaper. A few minutes alone to watch TV, read the paper or listen to the radio almost become a luxury, and yet they all read the mail. Not only that, but because it is a piece of paper, busy parents can put it aside until they do have the time to devote to it. That makes it more effective than ‘air-wave’ advertising.


Because households with kids are often so busy, the most appealing ad design for this demographic is the opposite. There’s no need for crazy graphics where your message might get lost in the ink. Be clear and concise, make your graphics clean and simple, and let your offer be the most appealing item on the paper. Coupons, samples, promotions and discounts are particularly effective with this group because they are often focused on saving money.


People at any new stage of life are responsive to letterbox marketing, because these consumers are looking for relevant products and services and are more open to advertising. Families enter many new life stages as they grow, and they often fit into more than one stage at a time. The “new parent” stage starts as soon as the pregnancy test is positive and applies until children are about two years old. New parents are interested in things like life insurance, college saving plans, home improvement to make room for a growing family, and boutique clothes and toys, especially if it’s their first.

Families with children over two have different needs than those with school-aged children. These families are more focused on educational items such as book clubs, bulk goods, toys, healthcare, entertainment and travel. ‘Tweens’, ages 10 to 12 years old, and teenagers now have more spending power and influence on family purchases than ever before. Their focus is more heavily on entertainment, electronics, brand name clothing and shoes, video games, and digital movies and music.

Obviously direct marketing to families with kids can be lucrative if done right. The right way seems to be letterbox distribution, because it addresses all the areas where they are different from other demographics. Is Melbourne your local market? If so, Melno Distributors is a full service, quality letterbox delivery service that can help you pinpoint the families in your area. Targeted letterbox delivery by our company is the most efficient and cost effective way to expand your business through direct marketing. Why use anyone else? Call now (03 9819 1139) or visit us online for afree quote!


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