Pamphlet distribution

Wondering how to evaluate the effectiveness of your pamphlet distribution? Here are a few simple ways:

Track Success with Code

To decide how well a pamphlet has worked to bring in customers, you can assign a code number for a free offer or coupon. Anyone wanting to claim the offer has to give you the code. Codes can be used in many ways. You can keep track of the number of codes used to find out how well your pamphlet worked.

Employee Engagement with Customers

Another way to track the success of pamphlet distribution is to have employees ask customers how they heard about your business as they are checking out. Or you can be more direct and ask them if they have seen your pamphlet, or if they know about your special offers in the pamphlet. A bonus is that this technique gives your employees a chance to engage with the customers directly.

Customer Feedback

A final idea is to ask customers directly to evaluate your pamphlet. Print out samples or show them online. Find out if the design makes them interested and whether it is readable. You can even ask regular customers to show the pamphlet to friends to get their suggestions.

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