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Letterbox distribution

Melno Distributors are reliable letterbox distributors and have been leading the markets for over a decade, providing customers with the best letterbox distribution services possible. Our clients include national, international, local retailers, real estate agents and others. From our warehouses in Hawthorne and Oakleigh our letterbox distribution services extend to about 100,000 houses. Our distribution is organised in areas of Melbourne and regional Victoria.
Success of a business ultimately depends on how well you advertise your business. Intoday’sday and age, there are many ways by which you can advertise your business, but letterbox distribution still remains the easiest, most efficient and least expensive. It includes delivering flyers, pamphlets, brochures, catalogues to potential customers and trying to create interest and awareness of your product among people compared to other forms of advertising.

The Best Letterbox Distribution with Melno Distributors

Letterbox distribution is the cornerstone of Melno Distributors. When we say we specialise in letterbox distribution, it means that we cover a wide range of services which include residential leaflet deliveries, leaflet design and printing, business to business communication, product samples to residential areas, in-house folding and envelope insertion as well as addressed mail such as monthly magazines.
We have been the sole distributors for a number of real estate agents in our coverage area so you can rest assured that when you choose Melno Distributors, you choose reliability and quality service that will not let you down.
We are 100% Australian and have been in this business for 12 years and we are constantly striving to improve ourselves and see how we can better cater to our customers.

Enjoying the Benefits of Letterbox Distribution

Letterbox distribution makes it easy for you to reach out to your intended audience directly. By choosing a target audience, you can send your pamphlets and catalogues to people who are interested and not just everybody.
Through flyers, catalogues, pamphlets and other written marketing and promotional materials, chances of misunderstandings are drastically reduced, as you can modify your text based on the audience you are targeting. All of our services are overlooked by experienced and well-trained supervisors who will ensure that all deliveries are on time and do not cross their deadlines. With Melno letterbox deliveries, you can add greater value to your business.
In addition to all this, our distribution services are very flexible. You can choose to cover an entire area or limit the distribution to a certain populace and we will be happy to carry out your wishes. Letterbox distribution is found to be the most effective way to reach out to customers within the primary sales area. By choosing Melno Distributors, you will find that our services are always on time thus guaranteeing efficiency.

Choose the Best Distribution Service

We are a name that is trusted by all local businesses in Hawthorne and Oakleigh to deliver catalogues and leaflets to the people. So come put your trust in our professional letterbox distribution services and you will certainly have nothing to regret.


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