Local Marketing To Your Local Market

If you own a local business, then your reach is like a drop in a small pool of water. The ripples that travel outward from you in a circle represent the effectiveness of your advertising. The farther out the rings go, the smaller and weaker they get, until they disappear completely. When you’re running a small local business and you don’t have the marketing budget of a large corporation, you will receive the biggest returns by marketing in your immediate area. It is difficult to compete with larger competitors who have a city-wide, state-wide or national reach, and it’s difficult to attract and retain customers that are too far afield.

Letterbox Delivery Makes Your Business More Than a Droplet

A local business needs a focused and targeted marketing strategy designed to attract as many customers as possible in the community. One of the most effective local marketing strategies is letterbox and flyer delivery to homes and businesses.


People like to spend their money in neighbourhood businesses because it helps their local economy and keeps their community strong. If you can find a way to use that community identity to your advantage, then it can give you a jump on larger competitors. If you don’t have the support of a nationally recognisable brand, you have to promote yourself to the people in your area first.

When your local customers leave satisfied, then word of mouth marketing begins. You will benefit greatly from this, because word of mouth is the most valuable endorsement. However, word of mouth is often slower than direct marketing, and so the most effective approach is to use direct marketing to bring in new customers and to remind past customers why they liked you. Then, they will spread the word.

Targeting your local community is going to give you the greatest return on advertising and business costs. Melno Distributors offers targeted letterbox delivery of flyers, menus, and samples in Melbourne, right down to specific suburbs and neighbourhoods. Regardless of the area you want your materials delivered to, the Melno Network is the solution.


If your immediate area does not already have the product or service your business provides, then you need utilise the other businesses around you, perhaps gaining them as customers as well. While you could just ask them to display your business card, why not market to them as well? Local businesses and their employees are more likely to purchase goods and services from one another, which strengthens community ties and benefits everyone. Melno Distributors offers business to business letterbox delivery in our standard coverage areas. This kind of marketing is not only effective, it is also mutually beneficial and helps to strengthen the economic base of the community.

Essentially, direct marketing to your local market is the most effective way to grow store traffic and sales. Melno Distributors is an expert in letterbox delivery in Melbourne, and can help you closely target your local market. Call us now on 03 9819 1139, or request a quote and tap into all the potential of your local market!


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