Letterbox Distribution for the holiday season

According to a recent survey, letterbox distribution is the most effective way to get more business during the holiday season. If you are choosing a letterbox distributer for the holidays, it is important for you to pick one that follows all of the government regulations. Even more importantly, you want a company that can effectively help your business. Here is how to choose a letterbox distributer:

Look at Code of Conduct

Your leaflet, flyer or catalogue needs to be delivered by a company that strictly follows the standards of the State Distribution Board. Look to see if the letter distributer:

  • Trains the walker in correct procedure.
  • Doesn’t deliver to letterboxes marked “no junk mail,” “personal mail only,” or “Australia post only.”
  • Understands rules for charities, council materials and election materials.
  • Doesn’t leave letterbox distribution if box is full.

Look for Careful Distribution Policies

Does the letterbox distributer consider the competition? You want to make sure they do not deliver a leaflet from your biggest competitor during the same week they deliver one for you. Does the letterbox distributer have warehouses in convenient locations to make sure they are able to deliver and store your materials safely and efficiently? Also important is making sure that they have delivery checks from managers to make sure that your catalogue, leaflet or flyer is done on time.

Look For Specialists in Letterbox Distribution

Why spend money on letterbox distribution if you aren’t sure about the results? Melno Distributors offers design, printing and folding services in addition to letterbox distribution to make sure that you get not only marketing that is correctly delivered, but also advertising that works to bring customers to your business.



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