Letter Box distribution Designing

Everyone agrees and research shows letterbox distribution is surprisingly effective not only for older folks, but even for Millennials aged 18 to 29 years old. However, the effectiveness of your summer leaflet, flyer or catalogue can depend on how well it is designed. Here are some tips from professional designers:

Embrace Colour

Bright and bold colour palettes can attract your customer’s attention and make them take a second look. Consider using some modern colour combinations like:

  • tangerine and light turquoise
  • sage and violet
  • brown and yellow

Keep it Simple

Elegant and simple with minimalist design is trendy and shows your business has understated sophistication. Try a clean edge-to-edge photo on your flyer with a simple white and blue logo in the middle.

Shapes and Patterns

Using unusual shapes or patterns on your flyer in simple colours like yellow and black or red and white can create a stunning design and even a 3-D effect that makes your customers take a second look.

Make a Handcrafted Look

The vintage look is fashionable, so try a leaflet that looks like it is printed by hand, or uses vintage type or photos. Black and white or brown paper looks handcrafted too.


Whether you want to highlight back to school, summer or a holiday like Valentine’s Day, using seasons can make your flyer seem timely and remind your customer to come visit you soon.

Melno Distributors Offers Leaflet, Flyer and Catalogue Design Help

Want some help? You don’t have to design everything yourself. Melno Distributors offers help. Our services include a professional design team can take your ideas and marketing concepts and turn them into an eye-catching flyer. Better yet, we can have your letterbox distribution materials professionally printed at trade prices and do any folding and mail insertion for you.


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