Let Them Know They’re in Your Delivery Area

Knowing and understanding customers’ needs is important for every successful business owner and manager, and in some businesses, delivery services are absolutely vital to the customer. For example, pharmacies, takeaways, couriers and furniture stores all have customers that depend on delivery services; catalogue delivery is an important, even central, part of their business model.

Catalogue Delivery

Whether you’re a new business with delivery services or an old one looking to drum up new customers, the challenge is the same; how do you let customers know that you have a product available for delivery in their neighbourhood? The easiest way is with targeted letterbox delivery of your leaflet or flyer.


Targeted letterbox distribution through Melno Distributors is effective because your leaflet, flyer or menu gets delivered right into the hands of your potential customers. Show your customers how easy it is to do business with you. You’re a local business, and to reach all your customers without wasting money with marketing that extends too far out of your range, targeted delivery is key. The physical nature of your marketing materials gives your business an advantage that other forms of marketing, like internet and email, do not. It gives your customer something to hold in their hands, to save and refer back to and to clip coupons or select menu items from. Your marketing materials are visual reminders of your business, and they can keep your product or service in the back of customers’ minds until they have need of it.

Delivery services can sometimes be a risky and expensive part of doing business, but you’ve done your research, and perhaps there isn’t any real competition nearby. There are also customers who want your product or service, but may be out of your immediate delivery area. You can still capitalise on that market by sending your flyer, leaflet or menu and making it clear that you will deliver to them for a nominal fee. The other option is to market to them completely differently, adjusting the prices on your marketing materials or raising the delivery fee to cover the extra expense of delivering to an extended radius. That’s one of the great things about Melno’s service; it is truly customisable. You can even market differently to other businesses, especially if your service spans both commercial and residential needs, like a restaurant, home linen delivery service, or food service delivery that does both catering and smaller orders.


Melno Distributors is a local business, too, and we know Melbourne, its neighbourhoods and all the surrounding suburbs and towns. Our walkers have dedicated delivery zones, so they become familiar with every house. We use our knowledge to make targeted deliveries possible, putting your leaflet or flyer in the right letterbox at the right time. For over ten years, we have been specialising in letterbox delivery in the southeastern area of greater Melbourne. Each week, we deliver magazines, flyers, leaflets, pamphlets and menus reliably to over 100,000 customers.

Not only do we do letterbox distribution here in Melbourne, we can provide all the services you need to get the marketing materials ready to go out. We can design them, print them, insert them and deliver them, reducing the hassle and giving you the greatest possible value. So if you’re looking for a targeted, effective, and complete letterbox distribution service, choose Melno Distributors. Let your customers know they are in your delivery area. Call or get a free online quotation now!


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