Would you like to grow your business? Find new customers? Leaflet distribution can provide amazing results. Here is why this old-school method is so effective:

Leaflets Spread Brand Recognition

One of the great things about leaflet distribution is that you can target it to a particular area, or audience. That means your leaflets will reach the hands of potential customers who don’t know about you. Even if people toss your leaflet away, they will have looked at it long enough to have seen what your business offers. Chances are they will remember!

Leaflets are Cost Effective

Leaflets are inexpensive and can be locally and narrowly targeted, so you don’t need as many. Moreover, you can easily and cheaply change a leaflet and update it by adding new information like a sale, a promotion or a coupon.

Leaflets Bring Results

The Direct Marketing Association research shows 62% of people ignore TV ads and 81% don’t look at magazine or newspaper adverts. However, 79% look at leaflets and may either keep them or give them to a friend Leaflets with coupons are kept by 33% of potential customers. Maybe that is why leaflets are proven to generate inquiries and sales.

Melno Distribution experts make sure that your leaflets are delivered properly, on time, and to the right people. Let us help your customers find you!


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