Whether you have a large or small business, your budget is limited and you need to decide the best way to spend it. Studies from Roy Morgan show that one of your most effective and low-cost choices is old-fashioned leaflet distribution. Here’s why:

Less Competition

As opposed to the dozens of emails customers get every day, most people only get a couple of leaflets along with a dwindling amount of mail.

Touch Wins

Unlike email, which can be clicked away, a leaflet gets handled in 3-D by the consumer. Your leaflet literally gets into the hands of your customer, who has to look at it in order to see what it is.

Simple Messages Work

Now that you have your customer’s attention, drawing them into your message is just a matter of following some simple precepts:

  • Have one or two objectives and make them clear on your leaflet.
  • Build your business branding by consistent colors, fonts, and slogans.
  • Have eye-catching visuals.
  • Give a compelling offer.
  • Make sure it is well-written and proofread.

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