Leaflet Disribution Tips

What can bring your small business more traffic and sales? Leaflet distribution campaigns are inexpensive and directly target customers in your area. Better yet, they work!

Leaflets Get People’s Attention

Research by experts in leaflet distribution show that:

  • 62% of people don’t pay attention to television advertisements and either leave the room or mute them when they come on.
  • 81% of people don’t even notice magazine and press adverts.

On the other hand, 79% of people not only read a leaflet they get, they often keep it or pass it on to a friend they think might be interested in that product or service.

Great Leaflet Ideas

To make your leaflet distribution most effective, you should give your customer a reason to keep your leaflet. Here are some effective strategies:

  • Offer a free sample to anyone who brings in a leaflet.
  • Put a coupon on the leaflet for a percentage off your product or service.
  • Give a “two for one” special if someone brings in the leaflet.
  • Collaborate with a nearby business and offer a special to draw customers to both shops.
  • Hold a contest and have the entry form on the leaflet. People need to fill it out and drop it by your store to enter.

Low Cost, High Success Rate

Since your small business is trying to reach a local customer base, leaflet distribution that is targeted to people who live and work in your geographic area is the best marketing strategy according to experts.

Get Professional Help

Do you need expert help for effective leaflet design and distribution? Melno Distributers offers design expertise and professionally-trained walkers who follow all of the standards of the State Distribution board and offer quality distribution at reasonable rates. Contact us for a quote to start your next leaflet distribution campaign.


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