Do you have a service or product you want people to know more about? Here are the advantages in using flyer distribution to advertise:

Flyers are Affordable

Without spending a lot of money, you can make a colorful and effective flyer that tells your customers just what they need to know. Because flyers don’t cost much to make, you can afford to spread your message to more people.

Flyers are Easily Changed to Target Customers

Want to target older customers in a senior home but new moms in another area? Maybe you want to feature a different product once a month. Your flyer can be changed to target those customers by adding a different picture, slogan, or coupon.

Flyers Grab Attention

With your brand logo, appealing picture, or eye-popping color, your flyer can grab the attention of a potential customer and introduce them to your event or business. In fact, studies by Australian Direct Marketing show flyers are very effective.

Flyers Provide Crucial Information

How can people find you if they don’t know your location or what you do? Flyers are often the first chance people have to get that basic information that starts a relationship with your audience.

Convinced flyer distribution would be helpful? Contact Melno, the flyer distribution specialists.


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