Do People Still Clip Coupons From Leaflets?

Coupons have historically been a good way of gaining new customers, and they can help you track how effective letterbox campaigns have been, too. These days, there are so many new ways to advertise to consumers, especially electronically, that you may wonder if letterbox coupons still work. The short answer is yes.

The proof is that large multi-national corporations still send out letterbox leaflets with coupons to consumers. With all of the money that the big boys invest in market research, you can trust that if it was ineffective, they wouldn’t do it. However, to make it successful for your own business, whether large or small, you have to make sure you have an effective leaflet or flyer, and that it is distributed to your target area.


Obviously, good graphic design can make the difference between a person pausing to consider your offer and tossing it immediately in the kitchen tidy. Equally important, however, is knowing your customer. While it would be great if people just decided to use your business based on an awesome looking ad, they really need some incentive to try something new.

You have to design your leaflet from the reader’s viewpoint. Make it personal, and appeal to their sense of community. Include the information they most want to know, and place it so that it will be seen first. Then, you can include details about your products and specials on the inside. Don’t forget to include all the pertinent details like your physical address, phone number, and website. Remember: the last information they read is most likely to stick in their minds.


When it comes to your coupons, the whole goal is to persuade people to become your customers long-term. A new customer is not just worth the purchase made with one coupon, they are worth all the purchases they make in the future, too. What makes a coupon effective? Well, to start, you want to give the customer a really enticing deal. You also want to make it a limited time offer. If there is a sense of urgency, consumers are more likely to make unplanned purchases. You can even expand your market area that way, because people will travel farther or chose you over a competitor for a good limited discount. Get them in the door with a tempting coupon, and keep them coming back with your products and your great customer service.


No matter how clever your leaflet or flyer or how appealing your coupon offer is, it does nothing for your business if the leaflets end up dumped behind a bush instead of in the letterbox. Don’t trust the delivery to amateurs. You need a professional company with a proven track record and the ability to make highly targeted deliveries. You need Melno Distributors.

For many years, we have been responsible for newspaper, magazine, and leaflet distribution to nearly 100,000 homes and businesses in the Melbourne area and beyond. Our supervisors oversee all deliveries to make sure they meet pre-determined deadlines. Call us on (03 9819 1139) or get afree quote online today, and see how effective coupons can be for your business!


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