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As a business owner, your very first concern is drawing people to your product. Some of the people in your delivery area may already know and love you, but what about the rest? How can you let them know you’re in the neighbourhood and worth trying out? Through letterbox delivery of your menu, your restaurant or takeaway can get the exposure you need to help your business grow.


Your entire business revolves around your menu, so distributing your menu to homes and businesses is the perfect way to connect with new customers. People today are constantly busy with work and school, family events and activities. They often don’t have time to cook for themselves—or time to spend flipping through the telephone directory or searching the web looking for a place to buy food. They want good food that is fast and convenient. Whether takeaway is your business’ focus or just an option, your menu in their hands means that your business is an easy choice for anyone with limited time.

Letterbox distribution is a great strategy for advertising because it offers distinct advantages over other ways to spread the word. Your menu will reach all the households in your area and only the households in your area. It’s extremely targeted. You’ll connect with everyone you want to reach, not just people who purchase a newspaper, see your social media updates, or happen to catch your advertisement during an ad break on TV. Using letterbox distribution is less expensive than a television or newspaper ad and much more effective than social media. It allows you to connect to customers in your area more easily and effectively than the alternatives, and it doesn’t require any computer or internet knowledge. This means that you get better exposure for your business at a lower cost. Less cost means more money in your pocket!


Whether you are opening a new restaurant or are well established and are looking to drum up new business, have your menu or flyer distributed by us! Melno Distributors is a trusted and reliable company that can assist you in attracting customers. For many years, we have been responsible for delivering newspapers, magazines, flyers and other publications to nearly 100,000 homes. We also offer additional services. From design to printing to folding and delivery, Melno can help you with the entire process.

Have your menu distributed by us!Our walkers are letterbox delivery specialists. They are trained in flyer distribution and leaflet deliveries, and are familiar with their dedicated drop zones. We specialise in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs; however, the Melno network can manage letterbox distribution anywhere in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Let the experienced network of Melno Distributors deliver your menu to homes and businesses at a competitive price and add value to your business. Request a quotation online or call us at 03 9819 1139 and get started today!


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