Retail outlets and stores can benefit tremendously from catalogue distribution services. It is a way to reach out to those customers who may not know of you or your products. The catalogue serves to bring them up-to-date with your promotions and deals by presenting them with attractive colourful and informative content.

Melno has been in distributing catalogues for retailers and adding value to their marketing endeavours with the help of its strategically placed warehouses in Hawthorn and Oakleigh.

Just let us know the target area you want to cover and the frequency of the distribution. Once we have these details, we will handle every aspect of the distribution. Melno Distributors are renowned for their on-time delivery and that is why our clients keep returning to us for their catalogue distribution needs. 


One of the main reasons why retailers love our catalogue distribution is they can choose the geographic region they want to target in the Melbourne area. We give them the freedom to customise their distribution region and our distribution staff handles the remaining.

From the feedback we get from our customers, we know our catalogue distribution service is very effective and our clients have been able to reap rich benefits. We believe Melno is a marketing partner and stakeholder. The success of your marketing campaign through catalogues rests a lot on this unique service we have to offer and, in turn, it is a success for us when your marketing campaigns become successful and attract more visitors to your storefront and website. 


We are specialists in the world of distribution. Our staff is trained to deliver every catalogue into the prospects letterbox and the greatly increases the chances of the customer actually browsing through your catalogue. We also furnish you with comprehensive reports on our deliveries. This allows you to assess the success of the catalogue distribution service.

We have supervisors, who oversee the deliveries and routinely inspect areas to make sure deliveries are done as your specifications and requirements, thereby meeting the agreed deadlines.

Melno takes great pride in offering unparalleled catalogue distribution service for the entire Melbourne region and its suburbs. You will love our competitive rates and the value we add to your marketing and sales campaigns.

Contact Melno Distributor today to find out how we can customise your catalogue distribution and help you increase sales and attract more customers to your retail outlets.