Catalogue Distribution for the new School Term

As the school year starts, parents begin to start shopping for school supplies and clothes for their children. That makes this time of year the perfect opportunity for your business to advertise using catalogue distribution. Here’s why:

Catalogue Distribution Promotes Sales Best

According to the Roy Morgan survey, Australians find Catalogues most useful in making purchasing decisions about clothing for children. Why do people like catalogues best? They feel that catalogues:

  • Are more informative than television, radio or other advertisements.
  • Make it easier to remember and refer to buying choices they make at home.
  • Have pictures and descriptions that are easier to understand.

Everyone Likes Catalogues

Better yet, all ages can enjoy looking at the pictures in a catalogue and families can talk about their choices for clothes and school supplies together before they head to your store to shop. In fact, younger people view catalogues as “entertaining,” which means they will spend more time looking at them.

Catalogues are Low Cost and Effective

Because you can use geo-marketing techniques to target the people who would most likely come to your store, catalogue distribution is among the most effective and least costly means of getting your advertising in the hands of customers who are likely to buy your product. While some people tout the power of social media, Print Power found that 90% of consumers value mail much more than social media.

Make it Professional

To get the most bang for your buck in a catalogue distribution, be sure your catalogue is professionally designed and expertly distributed in a way that follows all of the state standards. Melno Distributers can provide those services and also help you design and print your catalogue in a beautiful and professional way. Why wait? Get a quote today!


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