Catalogue Distribution

Does catalogue distribution work? Absolutely. Here’s why you should consider distributing catalogues to your customers:

Catalogues Build Your Brand

When you print a catalogue, you are able to bring the customer into your brand through images, colours and logos. Immersing themselves in your world, research shows customers love to leisurely flip through your catalogue and dream, and buy.

Customers Value Catalogues

Instead of seeing them as advertisements, many customers see catalogues as a source of information, sometimes saving them to get new ideas. Catalogues have a long shelf-life and often get shared or passed along.

Catalogues Build Loyalty

Adding more than images to your catalogue can make the reader stay with your products. Especially appealing to customers are:

  • Vivid descriptions of products
  • Stories of people using the products or real-life examples.
  • Explanations about how products are produced and where they are from.
  • Suggestions on how to use products.
  • QR codes that give the customer online content like videos or interviews.

Catalogue Distribution Drives Sales

The bottom line is that catalogues work to sell products. Marketing studies show that consumers spend time on catalogues and that catalogue reading leads to sales both online and in stores.

Does catalogue distribution sound like something that would help your business? Melno Distributers are experts in efficient, on-time, targeted delivery of catalogues in Melbourne.


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