Boost Your Sales and Revenues with Catalogue Distribution

Catalogue distribution

Direct marketing was the way forward in the good old days before the Internet arrived and turned marketing endeavours upside down. Businesses had to then learn a new way of showcasing their products and services to a consumer base that was spending a lot of time in the digital world. This, as a result, made many businesses forget about one of the most effective direct marketing methods – catalogue distribution. The ones who forgot, had to pay dearly.


There are many companies that have flourished using catalogues as a way to reach their target audience. These are companies and businesses that are still using catalogues even though the digital age is upon us. So, what makes catalogue distribution, such a potent method of direct marketing?
Increases Brand Awareness: Physical catalogues are something most consumers will keep and browse through them at leisure. This allows a business to keep its brand fresh in the mind of the consumers as well as make new customers aware of the brand.
Targets Based on Geography: Catalogue distribution is perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses that cater to a specific target market in a geographical region. Large businesses have already realised this benefit and use catalogue distribution as an effective way to reach their target audience. So, why shouldn’t you?
Alerts Consumers: There are many consumers who don’t use their smartphones and computers to shop. You can easily target this section of the market through catalogues and alert them about upcoming sales, promotions and special deals through your catalogue.
Reconnects with Consumers: Many times, consumers get busy with their daily lives and can forget about a local store that can fulfil their needs. Catalogues are a great way to reconnect with such customers and motivate them to purchase from you.

A-Word-of-Caution for Catalogue Distribution

When using catalogues as a way to reach your target audience, you need to make sure they are of high quality. This will help you get the desired ROI. Besides high quality prints, you also have to have an effective distribution system in place.
Thankfully, in Melbourne, you can not only get cost-effective printing, but also an experienced distribution partner under one roof. Melno Distributors, the one-stop printing and catalogue distribution service, allows you to reach your target customers through beautifully designed and printed catalogues and it also has a vast network of catalogue distribution channels that ensures your marketing material reaches customers.

The Way Forward

Don’t forget traditional methods of marketing and advertising, in particular catalogue distribution as it lets you reach a wider audience. You can use this method in conjunction with your online marketing efforts to reap maximum benefits. Today, many businesses are going back to catalogues to reconnect with their customers and they are reaping benefits, as a result. So, if you are keen on boosting your sales and revenues, partner with Melno Distributors in Melbourne and reach your target audience. Through their high quality and competitively priced printing and faultless catalogue distribution channels, you just can’t go wrong.


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