Are Flyers Still Effective? Yes!

In this crazy digital age where it seems like everything is done online, you may be wondering if flyer distribution is still an effective tool for advertising. The answer is absolutely yes! Mass marketing on the internet does have it’s uses, but it also has weak areas where direct letterbox marketing becomes the more effective choice. Flyers work because, unlike web advertising, they are targeted specifically to your local area and delivered to the customers most likely to purchase your product or service.


Flyers start with a persuasive design optimised for marketing, and they go directly to potential customers in your area. Choosing an effective layout for your flyer is essential, however even more important is making sure it is delivered to the kind of customers you’re looking for. For some businesses, that may mean delivering specific flyers to areas where some of your products or offers are most relevant. For many local Melbourne businesses, that means flyer delivery in an area directly around their store fronts. For others, it also means delivery to commercial customers or residential customers only. You don’t want to pay to advertise to the whole state, the whole country or the whole world when the overwhelming majority of your customers are going to come from the immediate area.

Internet advertising is broad-based. Instead of hoping for generic internet visitors, the Melno Network can help you target a specific geographic location with your flyer for maximum effectiveness. Unlike a website, a direct mail brochure doesn’t have to be optimised to attract hits, in many cases, detracting from its main marketing function. The brochure goes straight to the target market, and if you’re not sure your flyer is as effective as it should be, our specialist services include design.


When it comes to internet advertising, the biggest thing that’s missing is a personal connection. Big corporations pay lots of money to manufacture a personal feel. Even though a flyer is just paper, it is a physical item a consumer can hold in their hand. It is like an ambassador for your business. A flyer can do what an internet banner ad can’t. It can let the customer know who you are and why they should chose you, not just what you offer. With direct letterbox delivery, you let them know that you are a local business with a product or service that can solve a problem for them.

A short mission statement can help establish trust by letting them know what values are important to your company and helping answer questions they may have about your business. Are you knowledgeable? Are you reliable? How can your product or service benefit them? That personal touch is extremely important in a local market. Lastly, a flyer also includes a personal call to action. It doesn’t let the customer be idle the way a static banner ad does; it encourages them to do something that ultimately results in a sale for you.

This is also where flyers and internet advertising can work in tandem to be even more effective. If your customer needs or wants more information, your flyer can direct them to your website. Once there, you have the opportunity to expose the customer to more of your products and services and information they may need to help them make their decision.

Letterbox Distribute Your Flyers

Whether used alone or simultaneously with web advertising, the effectiveness of flyer marketing cannot be disputed, even in this computerised age. Melno Distributors is a trusted and reliable letterbox delivery service here in Melbourne, specialising the south eastern suburbs. Letterbox distribution can be arranged in all other areas of Melbourne and regional Victoria, as well. So if you’re looking for a targeted, personal, and effective advertising method, take advantage of Melno’s letterbox delivery experience and put flyers to work for you today!


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