Advantages of Catalogue Disribution

If you’d like to step up your business this winter through a leaflet distribution campaign, you need to know you’ve made a good choice. According to the Australian Catalogue Association, leaflet distribution is one of the most vibrant and resilient media channels to reach new customers. Here are some winter ideas:

School Winter Holiday Leaflet

Do you have a product or service that could help families to have a good time during their holiday? Or maybe you have a business that could help parents or give them a break. Use a leaflet to let them know!

Special Sales Leaflet for Winter

Bring in new customers with a coupon, or 2 for 1 sale. Do you have a special product or service you could offer for a short time? Offer a limited time offer.

Just for Kids

Children have a lot of pull in modern families, so aim a leaflet at them. Use bright colours and give an offer of something free or special for kids. You can have a free sample product or make a special scavenger hunt.

Getting some ideas? Melno Distributors can design, fold, print and distribute!


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