Letterbox Distribution

Well designed letterbox distribution can intrigue customers to seek you out. What you put in the hands of your potential clients also sets up an expectation about you and what you provide. Keep this in mind:

Consider the Customer’s Perspective

What does your customer know about your business? What do you want them to know? The more carefully you think about the needs and desires of your customer, the more easily you can decide what is most important to include. Dramatic Visuals

Use bold colours or interesting colour combinations to stand out and be recognised, but also be consistent. Match colours, images, and fonts to your business style to develop brand recognition for customers.

Include Important Information

Don’t forget to include everything the customer needs to know to contact you or visit. Include:

  • hours
  • address
  • phone number
  • website
  • what your business offers
  • how you are unique or better than the competition
  • information about sales, promotions or coupons

Less is More

While you don’t want to forget the essentials, it is just as easy to overload your customer with too many details. A rule of thumb is to include just your top 3.

Melno can help you with effective letterbox distribution design. Moreover, we offer the most accurate, targeted letterbox distribution in Melbourne.


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