Letter Box Distribution for exercise

Are you a stay-at-home mum wanting to earn a little? Or do you want an incentive to get more fit? Walking is excellent for your health. Working for Melno Distributors as a letter box distributor is a great way to earn money as well as have an incentive to get out and walk. Here is how it works:
When You Work
On Monday and Tuesday, you will pick up the newspapers and catalogues for your route. Then you can arrange the most convenient time for you to walk and distribute to letter boxes between the time you pick them up and Wednesday evening.
Where You Work
Melno has distribution routes in many different areas. You will be assigned to an area that is convenient for your situation, most probably in your own neighbourhood area.
What About Weather?
Lots of rain? Other bad weather? Please know that you will not be expected to walk in difficult circumstances or terrible weather. We want our walkers to enjoy their job and stay safe.
Getting Paid
Here's the best part. Every Friday, you will get paid into your bank account. We also will send you "Walkers Earnings Advice." Interested? Contact Melno today!