Catalogue Distribution for the New Year

Want to keep your products in the mind of your customers? Catalogue distribution this new year is your best choice according to recent research. Here is why your business can profit from catalogue design and distribution services:

Catalogues are a Reference Point

People tend to keep catalogues longer than other advertising. In fact, they return to them several times when making purchasing decisions.

Longer Customer Attention

The amount of information about your products, your brand, and your story that you can provide in a catalogue means that you can keep the customer engaged. The longer they read, the more they will be committed to buying your product or service.

Small Businesses Benefit Most

Young people love to become loyal to a business that tells a story they can relate to and believe in. That means small, local businesses get an especially big benefit from catalogues which let them be more personal and engaging.

Melno Distributors Can Help

Not sure where to start? The professional designers and distributors at Melno will be happy to talk with you about your company and help you create a plan and a design. Moreover, their extensive network of distribution can make sure you target your market effectively.